Isabel Val

Elements, 2022

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My work visually explores the presence of the past in our everyday life and takes a close look into the interrelation between personal recall and collective memory. In my practice I have found a way to capture what History tends to overlook due to its quotidian aspect and, by creating something new, preserve its legacy. This can be a piece of urban furniture or a neon sign falling apart; even a memory close to being forgotten.
I am fascinated by the concept of nostalgia. It's a constant topic of research for me in its multiple aspects, from its political instrumentalization to the individual and collective need to create a narrative that helps us deal with the past. I'm also interested in the mutability of memory and how we impregnate our belongings with it.
For a few years, my practice has been focusing on loss and the different stages of grief through ritualized and repetitive artistic processes and methodologies. My aim is to establish a dialogue with the viewer in order to create a common ground that helps us transmute the personal experience into a collective one while moving closer to more empathic interactions.
My process is based on an ongoing conversation between research and intuition. I approach every project with an inquisitive and playful mindset, whether I'm working with photography, drawing or video. I like to
experiment with the possibilities of each medium and its plasticity beyond established techniques. With a vitalist aesthetic, my work focuses on shape, composition and plain colours. Reading is also an essential part of my creative process, as it helps me generate ideas and make new connections.
I am very inspired by ecofeminist and hydrofeminist ideas and they have encouraged me to incorporate collaborative practices in my projects and to work in close relationship with nature.

Date of Birth:  19th August 1988
Place of Birth:  Barcelona (SP)
Currently living and working in Barcelona (SP)
2012  Conservation and Organization of Photographic Collections - Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain)
2008/11  Artistic Photography and Visual Arts - EASD Serra i Abella, L'Hospitalet, Spain
2006/08  Media Production - EMAV, Barcelona 
2016  Art and Gender - University of Melbourne, Australia (certificate)
2015  Creativity for Photographers - Pati Llimona, Barcelona, Spain (completed course)
2014  Antique Tecniques and Alternative Photographic Processes - Pati Llimona, Barcelona, Spain 
(completed course)
2013  Liquid Photographic Emulsion Workshop - Espai Nag, Barcelona, Spain 
(completed course)

2022 · El Mar son las Raíces, Centre Cívic Guinardó, Barcelona, ES
2022  Comes in Waves, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest, HU (duo show with Eirini Sourgiadaki)
2022   Back to the Present, Budapest Photo Festival, Budapest, HU (duo show with Kristóf                       Murányi)

2014  Vibraciones, Revela-T Festival (Vilassar de Dalt, SP)

2021 · Conversations with Me , MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest, HU Stripart Festival , Barcelona, ES
2019    Natural Randomness , MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest, HU
2019    The Vinyl Shop Effect , MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest, HU
2019    Relative Time, Tavaszi Festival, Budapest, HU
2017    Stop the Music! ,MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest, HU
2017    Outside the Box, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest, HU

2016 · Invisibles, Fòrum Fotogràfic Can Basté, Barcelona, ES
· Light and Sound Show, Pinhole World Day, Barcelona, ES

2015 · Inicis, Barcelona Visions, Barcelona, ES
· LaColect, Madrid, ES
· Light and Sound Show, Revela-T Festival, Vilassar de Dalt, ES


2021 · Joy Jubilee , Media Justice Network, USA / Online
· Puntomov Fest, Universidad Autónoma de México, MX
· Dancing in the Park Online , Edmonton, CA
2020 · Unseen , Simultan Festival, Timisoara, RO
· Lichtblick , Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin, DE


2021   Art & Politics: Containment, IMMA Summer School, IRL
· The Orientation of Objects, Sour Patch Press, USA / Online
· Project Duna: Women, Identity and Subjectivity, Online Platform
2020    What Makes a World? - A Horizon, Nadira Husain’s Expanded Painting Course,
Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, AT


2022 Casa d'Artistes , Menorca, ES
2017 Cold Bench , AiRO


2022 Crisis Climàtica o l'Emergència dels Cossos (Cimate Crisis or The Emergency of the Bodies),
Centre Cívic El Coll La Bruguera, Barcelona, ES


2021 · The Grief Party: A Ritual and Community Care Workshop, Dice Festival + Conference, Berlin, DE
2021  Symbiotic Collages: A Collaborative Practice, CCCB, Barcelona, ES
2018  Visual Narratives Through Photography, Instituto Cervantes, Budapest, HU
2018  Collecting the City: Visual Storytelling, Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels, Marrakech, MA
2018  Collecting the City: Visual Storytelling, Artemisszió Foundation, Budapest, HU
2017  Photography for Beginners, Instituto Cervantes, Budapest, HU
2017 Creativity and Idea Generation, Brody Studios, Budapest, HU
2017 The Abstract City: Learning How to See, Let Me Italian You, Budapest, HU
2015 · Photo Image Transfers, Casa Elizalde, Barcelona, ES


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2022 Ràdio Far Menorca, Residents #21 , May 2022
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 Estiu Robat Series, 2021

Estiu Robat Series, 2021

Estiu Robat Series, 2021