Hamza Kirbas

Domination Mechanism, 2017

Hamza has an NFT artwork for sale: HERE


Jean Baudrillard reveals how insensitive we have become, in fact, a society, when he reveals the theory of simulation and points out that everything is just images, and that life is inanimate. In conceptual art, the shaping of the object with philosophy and language is also an important distinction. This relationship allows attention to the ordinary and everyday life, and makes you think that nothing is not actually ordinary. The artist focuses on the theme of silence as a response to the theme of noise in his works. In part of his work, he uses the ‘ Gestuno ’ alphabet, the only sign language of international silence. The artist proposes concepts and analyses with his works, presents the audience to understand, solve and complete them with his own thought. The concept uses the term as a means of criticism. The concept of art is not only limited to the art structure, but it considers it as a broad concept.

Date of Birth: 06. 05. 1992

Place of Birth: Batman (TUR)
Currently living and working in Istambul (TUR)
2013 -2017,  painting at Batman University Fine Arts faculty.
Batman (TUR)
2015-2016, Erasmus Exchange Program: University Of Silesia Faculty Of
Fine Arts, Graphics Department. Katowice, (POL)
2016-2017 Siirt University, Faculty of Education Teaching certificate. Siirt (TUR)
(2017) Master's degree: Hacettepe University Fine Arts Institute. Ankara,
2019  Istanbul; VeniceLands ArtPrize 2019, Critics  Award, Treviso, Venice, (ITA)
2018 Blooom Award By Warteiner 2018 Nominee. Düsseldorf
2018 Exhibition Prize. Under The Subway Video Art Night 8th edition. 8th
edition. JCC HARLEM, New York (USA)
2018 Lungs Project Artist-run curatorial Project with an annual contemporary
art & literature print puplication. October. Newcastle upon Tyne, (UK)
Dayton, Ohio (USA)
2018 Exhibition Prize. Funka Fest. Festival of Visual Arts.
Guayaquil. (EC)
2017 Honorable Mention Award. T.C Ministry of Culture and
Tourism Fine Arts General Directorate Young Art 3. contemporary art
project competition. CerModern Ankara (TUR)
2017 Exhibition Prize.  Chrom-Art international Art festival London (UK)
2017 Exhibition Prize. Young Art from Anatolia lll - New HorizonsTurkmall Art Gallery. Maslak Istanbul. (TUR)
2017 Exhibition Prize. UPSD. YOUNG ACTIVITY 7, "Mirror Mirror
Tell Me We Are Really Separate", MKM Besiktas Contemporary,
Istanbul (TUR)
2017 Exhibition Prize. MUISC Maltepe University 5th International
student congress &exhibition, Istanbul. (TUR)

2017 Achievement Award: BatArtLab: Young Activity: Young Artist of
the Year. Batman. (TUR)
The Banu Carmıklı collection. BASE Fine Arts Faculty exhibition. Istanbul
The Refugee Film Collection. Cologne International Videoart Festival &
collection Köln.Germany

2019 CATECHISM ON AIR, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest (HUN)

2017 SILENT LINGUA FRANCA New media, GIF, Batman University Fine
Arts faculty Art Gallery. Batman (TUR)
2016 ‘’UNLIMITED FACES ‘’University of Silesia Art Gallery, Katowice ın
Cieszyn, (POL)
2016 SHADES OF LOVE’, Miejski Dom Kultry w Czechowice-Dziedzice. (POL)


2019. 32nd European Media Art Festival (EMAF),Osnabrück, (GER)

2019. Suspended, Askıda Kalanlar, BILSART, Istanbul (TUR)

2018 74. State Painting And Sculpture Competition. Ankara. (TUR)
2018 There’s No Other Me. Municipality of Çankaya, Contemporary art
center. Ankara (TUR)
2018 Over And Over Mixer Art Galley, Istanbul. (TUR)
2018 Blooom Award By Warteiner 2018 FINALIST. Düsseldorf, (GER)
2018 Young contemporary art exhibition.Polytechnic University, Hong Kong (CHN)

2018, 31st Festival les Instants Video, November, Marseille, (FR)

2018 T. C. Ministry of Culture and tourism General Directorate of Fine Arts young art 4.Contemporary art project exhibition. Was Ankara. (TUR)
2018 #Art&I, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapeşt, (HUN)

2018 Under The Subway Video Art Night 8th edition. JCC HARLEM, NewYork City (USA)
2018 Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània, Valencia, (SP)
2018 Verbeke Foundation (BEL)
2018 Galeria Taller Gorria, La Havana, (CUB)
2018 Cervantes Institute, Sao Paulo (BRA)
2018 Mixer Sessions III Mixer Art Gallery Istanbul. (TUR)

2018 Lungs Project Artist-run curatorial Project with an annual contemporaryart & literature print puplication. October. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, Dayton, Ohio USA

2018 International biennial of Video art and Contemporary Film
VIDEOFEST2K18. Instituto de Cultura de Baja California.

2018 Funka Fest. Festival of Visual Arts. Guayaquil. (EC).
2018 Video art miden international video art festival screening program.
Athens, (GR)
2018 Bang. Art Innovation Prix 42 MASLAK Art! SPACE Gallery, Istanbul. (TUR)

2017 W:OW Cologne International Video art Festival & collection
Köln. (GER)

2017 TUYAP 27th international Istanbul Art Fair. Istanbul. (TUR)
2017 Average art magazin Average Art 16 (November) Liverpool (UK)

2017 BASE of the Faculty of Fine Arts alumni exhibition. Istanbul. (TUR)
2017 LOOSENART “Open Boundaries” Book Publication Rome. (ITA)

2017 Chrom-Art international Art festival Oxo Tower.London. (UK)

2017 Young art from Anatolia lll – new horizons, Turkmall Art Gallery.
Istanbul. (TUR)

2017 7. International Student triennial Marmara University Fine Arts faculty, Istanbul. (TUR)

2017 GTZ Art Exhibition, Young Turkey Summit, Lütfi Kırdar Congress
Center, Istanbul. (TUR)

2017 T. C. Ministry of Culture and tourism General Directorate of Fine Arts young art 3.Contemporary art project exhibition. Ankara. (TUR)

2017 Elgiz Museum, Istanbul Rotary art competition and Exhibition Istanbul (TUR)
2017 UPSD. Activity 7 young, “Mirror, Mirror, tell me, are we really separate us”, Exhibition MKM Beşiktaş Çağdaş, Istanbul (TUR)
2017 MUISC Maltepe University 5. International Student Congress
exhibition, Istanbul. (TUR)

Symbolic Elites, 2017

The Body of Authority, 2017